Florida Pro-Tech Painting specializes in professional waterproofing and painting services for commercial outlets, office parks, condos, retail stores, and more.

Whether you need to add the final touches to a new location or add a new coat of paint to your current store, we can give your business the paint service it needs to give it that modern, professional look. At Florida Pro-Tech Painting, we offer many benefits that you can’t find with some of our competitors:


We understand renovations need to be performed in a timely manner and on a schedule that has the least effect on the operation of your business. After all, the paint needs time to dry, and you can’t always conduct business with large parts of it roped off for the painters. This is why we can tailor our time to meet your needs, will work as a team to get the job done as quickly as possible, and can often schedule your job for prompt, immediate service.


We all want to feel like we got a good value with the services and goods we purchase. We have and are trained in some of the newest technology for a superior level of satisfaction. We guarantee you will be happy with the quality and look of the paint services you receive and that feeling will last for years to come.


Part of the value of the product is the price you pay. We offer rates that are competitive with other painters of similar quality. We also provide timely and accurate quotes and bids free-of-charge.

At Florida Pro-Tech Painting.we strive to build a continual, on-going relationship with many entrepreneurs and managers and commercial and business property owners. We are pleased that over 80 percent of our work comes from past customers. We believe the trust so many businesses have in us comes from our prompt timing, superior quality of service,and competitive rates and bidding.

Our clients comprise, but are not limited to, the following:

Condominium associations

Homeowners associations

Private residences

Apartment complexes

Retail stores and plazas



Hospitality locations

Medical complexes

and more…


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